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The DSD Renewal tool is a solution in the DSD platform which allows resellers to view, manage and extend the software extensions of their customers in a well-organized and efficient way. With the Renewal tool we compete together to ensure that your customers always remain your customers.

Despite your investment in customer retention, there are always higher powers that ’steal’ customers. Simply because they have already alerted your customers to an extension before you get the chance to do so. Does that sound recognizable? The Renewal tool is the solution. We explain how the tool helps you avoid this.

How does the Renewal Tool work?

Renewal tool with manual renewal (standard)

The Renewal tool is available for all resellers in their own on-demand software store. In one overview you see all licenses that expire and that can be extended in the current or coming month. With the Renewal tool your customers will be notified of their expiring licenses by automatic e-mail notifications. You can then extend the licenses directly via the overview at the request of your customer.

The overview is easy to sort by customer name, product name or per month. By default, the licenses that expire in the soonest are at the top.

Update: Renewal Tool + Online offer!

With the updated Renewal tool, the end-customer will receive, together with the above mentioned e-mail notifications, an offer to extend the license directly online in the software shop. This way you no longer have to renew the license for your customers manually, but the renewal process works fully automatically.

Renewal Tool + Online offer

The Renewal tool with offer for online renewal is activated on request. After your request we will contact you to discuss all information and conditions regarding the Renewal tool and the online renewal. Then we activate the Renewal tool for you. From there on it all runs automatically. Just sit back and wait until the first invoice arrives. One you don't have to pay ... because we pay you!

E-mail notification + online offer

As soon as a software license is about to expire, the end-customer automatically receives a notification by e-mail, sent on behalf of the reseller. This e-mail to the end-customer also includes an offer to extend the software directly online in the software shop. You decide how far in advance, with which frequency and how the end-customer receives email notifications about the expiring license. You can use the Renewal tool settings in the DSD platform interface to set the notifications.

Extend in the shop

Extending the software is done in a secure environment of DSD, but with your logo and company data. A software shop trusted by your customers.

The end-customer doesn’t just receive an offer to extend. We ensure a competitive price. A price that is good for the end-customer, but also for you and for us. Because just as important, the offer made to the end-customer, enables us both to maintain a healthy margin.

Delivery software

As soon as the extension has been ordered and paid for, the end-customer will immediately receive the software via the license certificate known to them.

You, as reseller, will then receive an invoice from us. The invoice states:

  • The sales price that we have collected from your customer
  • We deduct your purchase price, which you would otherwise pay
  • And what is left; your margin, which we pay you!

Extensions & monitoring earnings

In your on-demand software store you monitor the number of extension notifications, the actual ordered extensions and most importantly: the earnings that the Renewal tool has brought you!



Activate Renewal Tool?

Are you ready to activate the Renewal tool with online offer? Then contact Julian Kouters immediately. He can tell you everything you need to know to start using the Renewal tool.

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