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The benefits of Kaspersky CBA for you and your customers?

The benefits of Kaspersky CBA for you and your customers?

Kaspersky CBA offers you, as well as your customers, a unique renewal service! You share a one-time license key for installation and activation with your customers. This same license key can be renewed annually for a new period, at a fixed license price. So after the first activation, your customers never have to activate a new license key to renew your software again!

The advantage for resellers is that Kaspersky does not do any direct marketing for CBA licenses, so customers only receive a renewal request from the reseller. In addition, CBA licenses cannot be renewed with an ESD license or with another reseller. Therefore the customer always returns to the reseller where the CBA license was purchased, so you are guaranteed a higher renewal rate with Kaspersky CBA!

The difference between Kaspersky ESD & Kaspersky CBA

Unlike an ESD license for 1, 2 or 3 years, the term with Kaspersky CBA licenses is unlimited. With Kaspersky CBA, licenses are renewed annually at the touch of a button, without your customer having to enter a new license key every year. A Kaspersky CBA license has a fixed license price and can only be renewed at the reseller where the license was purchased. In addition, your customer does not receive promotional notifications from Kaspersky to renew. You are the only one who renews your client's license, which means you keep your client long term.

What are the benefits of Kaspersky CBA for you as a reseller and for the end customer?

What are the major advantages and how does CBA differ from a normal ESD license? We explain it to you in our free factsheet!


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