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4 risks reduced by the use of two factor authentication

4 risks reduced by the use of two factor authentication

Incorrect or unsafe use and storage of login data by employees can pose a risk of interception, allowing hackers to access company data and the online identity of employees. To prevent this, it is important that a company informs its employees about a good password policy. However, this does not fully control the quality of the passwords used by employees and the way they are stored.

By using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), an employee must always go through two steps to gain access to an account. This confirms that the person logging in with the personal data is also authorised to log into that account. A 2FA solution provides an additional layer of security, making your company less dependent on how employees manage their passwords.


4 risks reduced using 2FA

Adding an extra layer of authentication when logging in is a good defence against hackers trying to infiltrate business systems, as it is much more difficult to access the code using another device or mailbox at the same time as retrieving a password.

In the white paper listed below are four risks that could make it possible to intercept employee login details. In addition, it explains how to reduce these risks with 2FA.



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